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XL8089 is the new module of NAVIA based on Teseo III chipset. Lowering of the sizes, consuming and, the main thing, costs were above all during developing the module. Therefore, the module is fulfilled in an original form factor of 10.5х12.5 mm, equipped with the ROM memory and topology having outputs to “three sides”. Due to a STA8089GR chipset (SoC), it was succeeded not only to reduce energy consumption of the module, but also to decrease a working voltage of a supply to 1.8 Volts. With such supply, the module can be used in those applications, which accept no ML8088sE because of more high supply voltage. A supply from 1.8 Volts is suitable for all commercial types of batteries and accumulators, and the lower consuming of the module will make it more attractive in wearable devices.


The construction of the XL8089 module is made under the principle of “nothing more than necessary”. Thanks to high sensitivity of the Teseo III chipset of it was succeeded to do without the built-in LNA and the SAW filter. The core of the module feeds from one 1.8 V source, UART and GPIO interfaces can be powered from 1.8 V or 3.3V. The separate power supply 3.3 V is connected to I2C. The last interface allows to connect a certain periphery, in particular, an external memory. Despite simplicity, the XL8089 module is supplied with the full functional ESD protection allowing to mount the module on the PCB by any method without risk of damage. For saving of cost, the module will not be supplied with the protecting shield.

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